An Accredited Dental Practice

High Street Dental has been fully awarded accreditation against the six National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) Standards, applicable to dentistry by HDAA 

HDAA is an approved accrediting agency by the Australian Commission for the NSQHS.  

Accreditation is important to us as we aim to uphold the highest industry regulations and guidelines, and are committed to ongoing quality improvement, patient safety and quality care.  

As a voluntary, profession-led program, Private Dental Practice Accreditation aims to promote continuous quality improvement, implementation of best practice systems and processes, and reductions to clinical and business risk, while enhancing consumer confidence. This process also supports teams to build a culture of quality, educating and engaging staff in enhancing day-to-day operations, provides an opportunity to gain a competitive advantage. 

In short, this means that High Street Dental has undergone a process to meet a strict set of standards that commit us to continuously improving the safety and quality of the care they deliver to patients like you. 

Achieving a HDAA approval for a private dental practice means that patients can feel confident knowing their oral health provider has an established track record for maintaining high standards of care.  

The standards of care include:  

  • Standard 1: Governance for Safety and Quality in Health Service Organisations
  • Standard 2: Partnering with Consumers 
  • Standard 3: Preventing and Controlling Healthcare-Associated Infections 
  • Standard 4: Medication Safety 
  • Standard 5: Patient Identification and Procedure Matching 
  • Standard 6: Clinical Handover