Wisdom teeth are usually the last teeth to show through the gums when people are in their late teens or early twenties. If the back of the jaw doesn’t have enough space for the wisdom teeth to come through, as is sometimes the case, the teeth become wedged in, or ‘impacted’. Some impacted teeth may cause severe problems such as cysts, cavities, damage to nearby molars and pain, while others may remain buried and cause no trouble.

Sometimes as the wisdom teeth emerge, an infection can occur in the gum immediately surrounding the tooth. This infection is a result of plaque and bacteria becoming trapped between the tooth and the surrounding gum and requires prompt treatment.

Why do I need to have my wisdom teeth removed?

Not all wisdom teeth have to be removed. Usually, the decision to recommend extraction of wisdom teeth is made when there are symptoms (inflamed gum, swelling, pain), pathology (e.g a cyst) or if a wisdom tooth is partially erupted. This is because partially erupted wisdom teeth are non-functional but very difficult to keep clean, which often leads to gum inflammation or decay. The decision to recommend having your wisdom teeth removed will be assessed by an examination and x-ray, though ultimately this decision is yours.

Recovering from wisdom teeth removal.

Most people don’t experience any problems after having their wisdom teeth removed. However, if you develop any of the following symptoms contact us or your GP immediately:

> Bleeding that doesn’t stop after applying pressure, or that lasts for more than half an hour.
> Difficulty in breathing or swallowing
> Severe pain that isn’t helped by painkillers
> A high temperature.
> Swelling that continues for more than three days after your operation.

What’s involved during my initial appointment for wisdom teeth removal?

At our clinic your initial appointment for wisdom teeth removal will include cleaning the area, taking an OPG digital x-ray, antibiotics if necessary and wisdom tooth extraction or referral to oral surgeon if necessary. We will follow up and work closely with you to ensure you are out of pain.

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